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Useful Links

We often get asked by clients where to find information on a range of things, so we have compiled a list of website links below to assist with questions you may have, whether you're a first home buyer or a seasoned investor

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) Calculator: Easily calculate your LMI premiums based on your deposit

Stamp Duty: Thanks to this handy calculator allows you to calculate your stamp duty for any purchase in Australia

HELP Debt: Not sure what your repayments will be each year for your study debt? This link will allow you to work it out

Income Tax Calculator: This handy calculator will allow you to figure out your income tax based on your annual gross income

ASIC's Money Smart Website: This useful website contains tools, calculators, publications, audio files and quizzes on budgeting, saving, superannuation, tax, avoiding scams and life events

Land Tax Thresholds: Do you have multiple investment properties in one particular state? These links will allow you to calculate your annual land tax payment amounts. Remember, each state is separate, and thresholds are per person. 

New South Wales




South Australia

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